Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Statement

Xpresschoice Services Ltd. (Xpresschoice) is required by law and is committed to preventing, detecting and deterring money laundering and terrorist financing. To that end, it is the responsibility of every employee (including contract and part time employees) and agents to comply with this program and all related legislation for jurisdictions in which Xpresschoice operates. What is Money Laundering? ” Money laundering is the process of taking money obtained by committing a crime and disguising the source to make it appear legitimate. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is illegal to launder money or to knowingly assist in laundering money. Under the PCMLTFA and Regulations, Xpresschoice must take steps to be sure that our business is not used to launder money and if we suspect that money laundering may be taking place, we must report it to the appropriate authorities. Xpresschoice does not allow the use of its services to transfer funds for illegal activity. Without hesitation, Xpresschoice will stop any remittance transaction(s) that it suspects to be illegal. Xpresschoice has implemented an Anti Money Laundering program and has appointed a compliance officer to oversee Anti Money laundering activities. The compliance officer also serves as a conduit between Xpresschoice, FINTRAC and Law Enforcement institutions, which includes but not limited to the following:

Reviewing and updating the AML compliance requirements

  1. Ensuring ongoing compliance with FINTRAC and AML regulations
  2. Monitoring day to day compliance activities
  3. Ensuring accurate record keeping
  4. Cooperating with law enforcement
  5. Ensuring speedy response to FINTRAC and law enforcement
  6. Ensuring training is conducted and recorded as well as facilitate independent reviews.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Anti-Money Laundering Program or would like further information, please contact our customer service at +1-844-380-1709 or via email at: