About Us

Our Services

DirectSend Mobile App is a product of Xpresschoice Services Ltd., an incorporated Canadian Company, which is registered with the Financial Transactions Report Analysis of Canada (FINTRAC) as a Money Services Business. FINTRAC registration number: M15895051.

The Mobile App provides you with reliable, secure and instant money transfer services to Ghana. Once registered, customers can transfer funds to ALL Mobile Money Wallets and Bank Accounts from any smart phone or tablet 24/7 On-The-Go.

Who Are We?

With advancement in Global Payment technology, we are convinced that sending money across continents should NOT be complicated and expensive. DirectSend App has been developed to allow immigrants who send money regularly to friends and family enjoy the benefit of improved financial technology by offering customers reliable and cost free money transfers to Ghana.

Having experienced the hassle of sending money to Africa, Chris Young and Richard Adjei both immigrants living in Canada, decided to work together to explore ways of making money transfers to Africa easy and more affordable. It is this shared goal that led to the development of the DirectSend Mobile App.

Our Mission

We aim to be the preferred money transfer service on a Mobile App in North America by offering customers the ability to transfer funds to all Mobile Wallets and Bank Accounts in Ghana in an Instant and at No Cost!